GET REAL is a blog, zine & podcast featuring honest experiences of the times we’ve all had to get our shit together, have a little word with ourselves and get things done. Overcoming struggles, conquering hurdles and ultimately living to tell the tale – it all makes for a sweet bit of learning and makes you all wise – you just sometimes have to hang on in there for a while *sigh*

GET REAL is for the existential, the realists, the do-ers, the grafters, the dreamers, the never-give-up-ers – discussing themes we can all relate to. Featuring tips and recommendations for support, inspiration and motivation, new think pieces and developments in news and culture – all intertwined with true accounts from real people sharing their stories.

GET REAL is all about PMA, keeping the positive influences/ inspiring & motivating stories and uplifting accounts coming and helping to lift the negative stigma off talking about mental health, redefining failures and what it means to succeed.

Do you have a story about overcoming a difficult time, a very real struggle that you thought would swallow you whole, a difficult diagnosis you had to work with, a circumstantial occurrence that threw you off track? Do you want to share your self care tips? Discuss your methods for staying in a good place, mindfulness, living without fear, challenging your problems head on and working towards a positive goal?

I wanna hear what gets you out of bed in the morning, I wanna hear what things make you smile everytime you see/hear them, the things you look forward to, the real things (good and bad, easy and hard to speak about) that make you, you.

Wanna get in touch? Email getrealyeah@gmail.com